Black Doesn’t Make You Look Slimmer, Plus 6 More Beauty Beliefs,...

On average, women spend around $244,000 on beauty products in their lifetime — probably frantically buying creams for dark circles under their eyes or expensive bottles of shampoo. We’ve heard so many beauty myths throughout our lives that we just stopped questioning them. “That’s what my mom/granny/sister told me,” we think


Times Dresses Looked So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On...

Lynn told us that fashion is subjective. "The goal is to have maximum choices and freedom of expression, and comfort." She stressed that as someone who has spent a career in the area of people dynamics, she believes that letting a friend know their dress might not suit them "is a sticky wicket you want to really think through." Above everything, avoid being overly blunt and shouting, "What are you wearing?!" Read on for her insights about fashion and diplomacy!
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